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Get Ready, Restaurants: Prepping for the Colorado Secure Savings Program
The Colorado Restaurant Association is partnering with the Colorado Department of Treasury (CDT) to host a Secure Savings Program webinar that aims to demystify the new, mandatory program and help protect you from predatory investment firms who are spreading misinformation about the program.

What is it? The Colorado Secure Savings Program is a mandatory retirement savings program for private-sector workers who currently do not have access to workplace retirement savings plans. Private-sector employers like you can enroll in the state plan at no cost.

In this webinar, we will be joined by experts from the CDT to cover the basics of the Secure Savings program, including the timeline for rollout, what to expect from the pilot program, what you should be doing now to prepare, and what you can expect to do in 2023 when enrollment begins. Come armed with your questions and we’ll get you answers!


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