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The Therapeutic Effect of Philanthropy
Anita will share her inspirational journey into philanthropy, and how it helped her become more fulfilled, and advise on how the audience can get involved.

She will begin by outlining how she got into charitable work by being moved by stories of human trafficking and figures for the number of children growing up in poverty. After 15 years as a teacher, she was growing disillusioned with the system, and when she met her second husband, who ran a family foundation, she swapped her teaching career to help him fundraise and realised she loved it!

She will then share some of her moving stories from fact finding missions to India, and some key fundraising achievements such as raising £191k for the Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Appeal, which led to the first ever FGM-dedicated social workers.

Anita aims to inspire the audience by telling how this career shift led her to acquire a sense of purpose. She describes philanthropy as “food for her soul” which motivates her to work hard each day. She also has some facts that evidences how giving back to the community can enrich your life!

Finally, Anita will give actionable advice on how the audience can get involved: First, identify what they are truly passionate about, then how you can search for suitable causes and how to fit in philanthropic work into a busy schedule. Her mantra is: Explore > Enrich> Encourage.

Jun 29, 2021 12:00 PM in London

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