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Webinar: Trending Topics in Paediatric Dentistry
Dr. Jennifer MacLellan presenting on The Relationship Between Early Childhood Caries and Oral Health-Related Quality of Life.

Description: It has been well documented that Early Childhood Caries is the most common chronic disease experienced by children in our society. The consequences of ECC are broad-reaching and the literature has demonstrated significant negative effects on oral health-related quality of life for both children and their caregivers. Those effects together with barriers to care including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will be discussed.

Dr. Raymond Lee presenting on CoVid-19 and its affects on the paediatric patient’s general health and dental condition; especially those with comorbidities and special needs.

Description: The CoVid-19 pandemic has affected everyone directly and indirectly. And because the virus has happened so quickly, its effects are not well documented. With the few studies that have been published, and complimented with some anecdotal stories from a children’s hospital, our Paediatric Dentistry patients may be in much more difficulty and distress than we are aware; with respect to dental disease, access to dental care, and simply, their quality of life. With the advent of multiple vaccines, we believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel. However, the light is probably still very small and we can only hope that it will get bigger soon. In the meantime, we all try to make our patients better with the limited resources that we have.

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