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Future of Fraud Management for Businesses 2.0
In the recent unfolding of frauds fueled by heavy reliance on Digital means of operating businesses, more sophisticated frauds are coming to light.

In 2021, the need to be on guard will rise exponentially for Businesses relying significantly on Digital and capsizing over fraudulent activities due to unfamiliarity in using digital platforms or resource constraints. As per the reports, from January 2020 to early January 2021, the Federal Trade Commission released that consumers reported over 275,000 complaints resulting in more than $210 million in COVID-19 related fraud loss.

To help Businesses anticipate such fraudulent activities in 2021, Group Futurista has organized a 'Future of Fraud Management for Businesses 2.0' webinar with some of the leading experts in the industry to gain valuable insights on the subject. Join us for the webinar and don't forget to save yourself a seat.


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