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METALCONLive! in Partnership with Breakthrough Academy Presents: Structuring Your Company for Maximum Productivity
Creating an aligned and defined organizational structure is a key component of running a profitable and scalable business. Having all your staff operating with a clear role, goals, and deliverables is the foundation for productivity and success.

In this workshop, we will cover the proven framework for creating defined job descriptions that will allow everyone in your organization to operate with a clear goal and accountability to their supervisor.

You will leave with all the basic tools and templates to grow your business in a structured and systematic way.

This session includes:

• A defined Organizational Structure outlining all the roles you will need in your company to achieve your goals

• Job Descriptions for your staff that define each of their deliverables, all methodically leading towards your business achieving its annual goal

• A week-by-week sales and production plan that aligns with your year-end goal, and a system to monitor actual results throughout the year

BONUS! You’ll get our done-for-you forms and templates to use in your contracting business immediately.

Who will benefit from participating:
• Owners/GMs/Principals
• Project Managers
• Sales
• Marketing
• Residential Contractors
• Commercial Contractors
... or anyone on the business-side of the metal construction industry who is ready to become a more effective leader and/or increase performance, profitability, and productivity.

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