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Tracking grantmaking values through data collection and impact management systems
How can we ensure that the social justice, gender equality, and sustainability values that we promote are embedded in our grantmaking and investing processes? Join us for this webinar and discussion where foundations and other donors will share tips on tracking their grantmaking values through their data collection and management systems. After presentations from panelists, webinar participants can share their experiences and tips as well, engaging in a lively discussion.

Hiwot Tedla from Urgent Action-Fund Africa will share the fund's efforts to embed downward accountability to grantees into their monitoring, evaluation, and learning efforts.
Indhira A. Prego Raveneau from The Fund for Global Human Rights will share her experience with COVID-19 surveys to create grantmaking processes and funds that support for their partners.
Alexandra Pittman, CEO of ImpactMapper, will share experiences from advising and research work with UNDP and other foundations to track gender lens programming and investing.


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