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Paid Loyalty: How to Know Whether it’s Right for Your Brand
With brands looking to stand out from the crowd and differentiate their customer loyalty efforts, interest surrounding paid, premium, and subscription loyalty programs has become more prevalent. Many brands see paid loyalty as a solution to cash flow pressures in a post-pandemic economy, or as a way to garner deeper, more loyal customer relationships.

But is it right for your brand and your customers?

During this webinar, Cassie Preston, Director of Client Services, CRM, and Loyalty at Baesman will discuss paid loyalty in today’s environment, how to start the process for determining whether it’s right for your brand, and considerations for implementing such a change to your program.

Key Takeaways Include:
• Paid or premium loyalty basics, including the pros, cons, dos, and don'ts of paid loyalty
• What customers look for in paid loyalty programs
• Which industries work well with paid loyalty programs
• Real-life case studies
• How to assess the success of a paid loyalty program (setting goals, defining clear KPIs)
• Tools and resources needed to implement a paid loyalty program


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Cassie Preston,
Director of Client Services, CRM, and Loyalty @Baesman
As a Director of Client Services of the CRM and Loyalty division, Cassie enjoys combining data, environmental trends, and the elusive interests of today's consumers to create unmatched marketing strategies that help her brand partners meet their business goals. In her 15 years in the marketing industry, Cassie has worked with globally recognized retail brands including Victoria's Secret, Signet Jewelers, Gander Mountain, and Toys R Us to create lasting brand loyalists. When not working, she is a proud mother of two strong girls, who hope to one day take the world by storm with their bold goals, brave souls, and bright smiles.