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Client onboarding – how can traditional players compete in the digital world?
A recent study by Savanta found that 10% of start-ups currently have their main bank account with a Neobank, 1 in 6 businesses are already using digital-only banking solutions, and importantly in terms of future growth, 40% of enterprises say they would seriously consider, or possibly consider a digital-first bank.

With a rapidly-growing customer base and COVID-19 forcing banking transformation at an unprecedented rate, it looks like Neobanks are here to stay and that they will increasingly become a formidable force in the business banking sector.

Many Neobanks have capitalised on providing slick digital onboarding processes and user experiences. As a result, traditional banks and perhaps even challenger banks, must reconsider their onboarding models to modernise and deliver the same customer value and experience digital-first banks and digital-only banks produce.

In this webinar, join our speakers from Beyond, Crypto.com. PassFort and Trulioo as they explore the lessons learned from Neobanks and other Fintechs about client onboarding, and how they can be applied to the traditional banking landscape.


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