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Is money for or against the climate crisis?
Will climate breakdown affect where money is invested, and how can markets create carbon neutral economy? (#BetterMoney)

There are theories developing that the risk associated with climate breakdown will affect the markets, and change the flow of money. There are also incredible solutions available to investors to help create a carbon-neutral economy.

We are discussing this subject as part of our series of digital events so individuals and organisations can best understand what role their money can play in creating a carbon-neutral economy. Should we wait for markets to catch up or will our choices make a significant difference?

The questions we'll look to answer in this webinar are:

How will the markets change as a result of these forces?
Can we rely on markets to respond to tackle the climate and ecological crisis?
What can we do to push financial markets to support a carbon-neutral economy now?

Attendees will also have the chance to ask their own questions.

If you want to join the conversation ahead of the webinar please do on Better Century; https://community.bettercentury.org/t/is-money-for-or-against-the-climate-crisis/1964


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