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50 Plus: Five Functional Strength Training Lifts for the Aging Fitness Enthusiast
The aging process can be brutal on all of us. Strains, sprains, tears, arthritis and osteoporosis are just a few of the physical limitations we can experience as we get older. Join Robert Linkul as he walks you through FIVE Functional Strength Training Lifts that are a bit more friendly on the human body but still produce great results. Robert will demonstrate how to set up and perform each lift as well as “rigging” adjustments you can make for the more common aging physical limitations. Robert, a former post-collegiate USA hammer thrower and strength coach, brings over 20 years of experience, a master’s degree in sports science and the first hand experience of MANY physical limitations including three hip replacements, back surgery, cancer and many more to share with you during this 50-minute FREE webinar. Please join us!

Can’t join us LIVE? That’s okay!! Register at the link below and the “On-Demand” recording will be available to you once the webinar has been completed. You can view the recording at any time as well as download the presentation slides in PDF form.

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