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Webinar 1 - The Role of Product Bundling to electrify post-COVID-19 urban Transport
The COVID-19 pandemic and the corresponding measures have significantly influenced societies as a whole, urban transportation in particular. While the use of public transport has decreased to a fraction of the pre-pandemic levels, private mobility and active transport modes such as cycling have increased in popularity. In order for these trends not to further exacerbate the existing challenges of urban transportation, namely high congestion and pollution, the new normal has to be based on low carbon solutions. Electric vehicles (EVs) represent the most promising technology to decarbonize transport. Their adoption is slowly increasing yet is still far behind the global and Swiss national targets. To promote electric mobility in Swiss cities, innovative strategies are necessary. Product bundling has been shown to be an effective marketing strategy to reduce complexity and motivate pro-environmental behavior in other sectors, such as food and energy. How successful can bundling be to accelerate adoption of electric mobility and thus help make urban transport systems more sustainable in the new post-COVID-19-normal? This is the main question to be answered in the workshop. After a brief introduction of the concept and the impact of COVID-19 on urban transport, two initiatives employing bundling to promote electric mobility in Switzerland will be introduced. A moderated Q&A session will follow, during which participants will have a chance to raise questions and interact with the experts.

Sep 25, 2020 11:00 AM in Zurich

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