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Mental Health In Emergency Management and Public Health post COVID-19
Has the mental health situation for public health and emergency management professionals improved since the COVID-19 pandemic started or even the past year?

This webinar (1 hour) will dive into this question, being a year removed from major efforts by several organizations to improve the mental health situation in the field. For example, the Journal of Emergency Management (JEM) has published two special issues and several webinars since the pandemic started to reduce the mental health stigma, improve the knowledge base on this important topic, and provide relevant resources to help public health and emergency management professionals who have working around with clock with the COVID-19 pandemic. In the special issues, several research publications point to the ongoing mental health concerns with the COVID-19 pandemic, including populations of public health workers and first responders. This webinar will provide an update on the current state of mental health across the landscape as well as in emergency management and public health professions.

New data from the recent Journal of Emergency Management Stressors and Mental Health Survey will be woven into a panel discussion. Our panelists add their expertise to illuminate the findings from that survey. A round-robin discussion will bring forward methods to survey populations, emergency management, public health, and local responders for mental health issues as well as techniques to address concerns found. Join us as we discuss this important issue and share the latest findings acquired about the COVID-19 impact on our mental health.


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