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The Never Taxed Retirement Strategy
Most qualified retirement plans (except ROTH) have some major challenges.

At sometime, someplace, someone will have to pay taxes on the money accumulated during the distribution stage. If it is not you, it will be your wife, kids or grandkids.

But what if you could build a retirement plan that can allow you to take distributions without taxes and also allow you to pass on your savings to your family 100% tax free?

With our current national deficit at around $27.9 TRILLION, do you believe our taxes will be lower or higher in the future?

Most people believe they will be higher. If you said higher, then this webinar is worth attending.

Join me and my friend John Oldham in this powerful presentation on:
"The Never Taxed Retirement Strategy".

John is a 20 yr veteran of the financial services and a financial educator nationwide.

I had the opportunity to see John's presentation before and I must say, it is one of the most informative and entertaining presentation I have seen in a long time.

Who should attend?
* If you are concerned about future taxation.
* If you are a high income earner who wants to minimize their taxes.
* If you have a large 401k or retirement plan and would like to minimize the future taxation.
* If you would like to just get educated on a very powerful strategy.

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