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CPN Lunchtime Seminar: Conflicts of Interests – Privacy and Disclosure
This presentation will focus on operational and procedural complexities involved in attempting to manage conflicts of interests that have been highlighted in a number of recent media articles and a report published by the NSW Ombudsman in 2020.

These include highlighting issues around:

Who, the reports of conflicts of interests, should be made to in various circumstances that can arise?

In what circumstances should the holders of such information disclose a conflicts of interests to others within the organisation?

Should there be a checking mechanism in place to ensure such disclosures are appropriately made?

What options might be available to address in-built/structural conflicts of interests, for example where local councils are the applicant and determination body or Ministers have input into the selection of recipients for government grants?

When does an acquaintance become a friend, and a friend become a close associate or a ‘closely related party’?

Given that, apparently, 10% or more of couples meet through work:
- what disclosure requirements could an employer reasonably insist on?
- at what point in a developing relationship can employees be expected to make such a disclosure (and the complications that arise when a relationship is an ‘affair’)?
- what management arrangements could an employer reasonably implement to address any such disclosed conflict?
- how can power imbalances be addressed in the management of such a conflict?

Apr 21, 2021 12:30 PM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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Chris Wheeler
Former Deputy NSW Ombudsman, Consultant and Part-time Commissioner - Greyhound Welfare & Integrity Commission