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Supporting Renters With Pets During COVID-19
Securing pet-friendly housing was already a challenge, even in the “before times,” but the situation has reached nothing short of dire with the one-two punch delivered by the pandemic and a teetering national economy. Amidst the confluence of a debilitating unemployment rate, an economy on pause, and a communicable virus that just won’t abate, the prospect of losing one’s housing invokes myriad disastrous potential scenarios. As more renters find themselves on the brink of eviction, the animal welfare field is girding for a deluge of surrenders. But hang on! There’s still more that can be done to keep people with pets together safely in their homes.

In this webcast, we will:
• Demystify the eviction process as it was originally designed
• Explain the eviction issues that arise as a unique impact of the current housing and legal landscape
• Provide some tools to stem the flow of pet surrenders in your community
• Propose next steps

This webcast is one hour and will be recorded.

This webcast has been pre-approved for 1 hour of Certified Animal Welfare Administrator continuing education credit by The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement.


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