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BQ VIP Webinar for KaiZen/CSY5, Capital Savior for You, 5Pay Only!" Kickoff: 7:55pm - 8:40pm EST; Post Learning Q &A: 8:40pm - 9:25pm EST
Act now so as to retire early! BQ General Trainer, Robert Jin, CLU, will provide “magical” solutions for those who pay high taxes:
1. How can we help you create a private pension/protection plan that cuts all taxes to “0” and eliminates future tax risk?
2. How can we help you easily use OPM, other people’s money, without even signing any documents, which takes only 5 Annual Premiums to complete and enables you to earn income even if you are asleep?
3. With financial and insurance leverages, how can we help you easily double your interest from 6% to 12% or more, and earn an incredible amount of additional retirement income and protection benefits?
4. How can "Outsiders" ever gain "Inside" benefits? Let's show you how to knock open 3 doors and gain layers of “Inside” information, to understand and enjoy OPM and tax-free* retirement & protection benefits as early as possible?
5. Let us show you how you can make your own “private pension and retirement protections” to go up with the stock market (with a cap) but never fall (0 floor)! Whether your being healthy, critically/chronically/ terminally ill, or even dying, can all be turned from misfortune to fortune to yourself or to your surviving family beneficiaries, with claim payments for up to millions of dollars! Won't it be such a lender-friendly solution, too ?!
...... Solutions will be provided to qualified prospects after attending our VIP webinar. You will gain access to our IL, Interactive Learning Platform, and benefits as an “Insider” from the CSY program that is one and only in the US and matchless in the industry!
Note: This "magical" value-added retirement benefits plan is only suitable for individuals/couples with annual income of $100k+. The benefits decrease with aging and declining health. *Everything is determined by the original contracts issued by insurance and trust company and relevant legal provisions! ** Interactive IL Platform will provide most of the answers, if you qualify to receive it!
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