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Thinking Through a Hand with Joel Goren
Declarer Play is a part of the game that most players are quick to embrace and enjoy.

But, too many players are leaving tricks that could be theirs on the table. They are not taking advantage of what the cards are offering them.

Good Declarer Play involves doing a few core things to help you better see the options and opportunities that the cards have to offer. With the help of a few basic constructs, we want to make it easier for your mind to come up with the solution that garners an extra trick for your side when you are declaring … and extra matchpoints for your partnership.

Give yourself a good chance to come up with the best solution when declaring…

Join us for a set of classes that might truly make a difference in your play of the hand…

Tuesday morning from 10:00 - 11:00
January 26th
February 2nd
February 9th

Each class is individual with a common theme fo Thinking Your Best running through them. Register for one, two or all three.

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