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The German Corpse Factory: The Greatest Wartime Propaganda Story
The German Corpse Factory is one of the most famous and scandalous propaganda stories of the First World War. It has been repeated many times down to the present day as the prime example of the falsehood of British wartime propaganda. But despite all the attention paid to it, the full story has never been properly told.

In this presentation Prof Stephen Badsey will tell the story behind what was by far the most famous single atrocity story of the war. In April 1917, at a low point in the war, British newspapers claimed that, in a giant factory on the Western Front, the German Army was processing its own soldiers’ corpses for glycerine for shells. Both during and after the war, Germany denounced this as typical British government lying propaganda. Where did the story come from, why was it believed, was it really a British government invention, and how does it fit with other atrocity stories?

Stephen Badsey discusses the reality behind the myths, and how important as a weapon of war propaganda became to the British, including its role in several Western Front battles.

Oct 29, 2020 08:00 PM in London

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