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5 Ways To McDonaldize Your Sales Process
Most likely you have been to a McDonalds (or similar fast food place). Maybe that was even the type of work you did as your first job. You are probably familiar with their model – highly systematized operational processes, that can be done by entry-level (minimum wage) workers yielding consistent, high volume results.

If you run a sales team – it is way more complex than making cheeseburgers and fries. Trust me, I know that from lots of experience leading teams in many different industries and even in many different countries. I have found, however, that when you apply the principles of McDonaldization to your sales team you can create a winning team that produces consistent and profitable sales results, without needing to be filled with Super Stars.

I thought I came up with this term – McDonaldize – turns out a guy named George Ritzer first wrote about it in 2002, and according to him, the four main dimensions of McDonaldization are:
• Efficiency
• Calculability
• Predictability
• Control

In this webinar, I will show you how you can apply these principles to your sales team. Not to turn them into mindless burger makers, but to help them create great results, doing what they should be doing most, supported by leadership and systems, and without requiring superhuman sales abilities (those help, but are really tough to grow a team around).

Are you struggling to get consistent results from your team, find that you have a high level of turnover, and/or cannot grow above a certain level? When you McDonaldize your Sales Process it will get you on the path to the results you are looking for.

Sep 2, 2020 10:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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