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AWS Security, Emerging Tech & Cloud Economics
The AWS Summer Camp continues online on June 16th @ 6pm GMT with a very special session, focusing on AWS Security, Emerging Tech & Cloud Economics.

Join us for this free and unique online session.

THEME: AWS Security, Emerging Tech & Cloud Economics

This is a free community event organised by AWS User Groups in Dublin, Belfast, Galway and Cork.

Submit your questions on Twitter @AWSUserGroups or during the event.

Sitting around the campfire will be....

* Satish Natarajan, Deloitte Head of UK AWS Lead
* Corey Quinn, Chief Cloud Economist, Duckbill Group
* Merritt Baer, AWS Principal Security Architect
* J.D. Bean, AWS Solutions Architect
* Yonatan Philip, Checkpoint Software
* Gunnar Grosch, Opsio, AWS Serverless Hero
* Patrick Palmer, AWS Solutions Architect

Starts: 6pm (GMT), 16th Jun, 2020
Duration: 2 Hours

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* You MUST register directly on Zoom to get access. We have a limited number of slots available.
* If you have questions for our speakers, please tweet these in advance to @AWSUSERGROUPS or during the event.
* The event will be recorded and made available in the coming weeks.

Checkpoint Software, Deloitte, Singlepoint

AGENDA - 16th JUN, 2020

6.00pm (GMT) - Kickoff
6.05pm - Satish Natarajan, Deloitte Head of UK AWS Lead (Security – focusing on security tooling, guard duty and security hub)
6.20pm - Merritt & Corey & JD, "Riffing on...Cloud Security & Cloud Economics / Q&A"
7.00pm - Patrick Palmer, AWS SA - Update & Q&A
7.30pm - Gunnar Grosch, Opsio

This is the latest talk in our 12-part 'AWS Summer Camp 2020' series.
By bringing together leading figures from AWS, AWS Partner Network and from AWS communities, we're creating a community platform where knowledge can flow and ideas can flourish.


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