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Back to Basics: Internal Audit Success in 2020
Objective: How do I make my IA & Compliance processes better in 2020 and beyond?

How do I make my Internal Audit & Compliance processes better in 2020 and beyond?

Today, Business is more dynamic, distributed, and disrupted than ever as it responds to evolving regulations, risks, rising expectations from stakeholders in a fast changing business environment. Only agile Audit and Compliance processes that are truly nimble, highly collaborative and with real time visibility & quick responsiveness would remain relevant and be seen as role models. In this webinar, we will take a deep look at the fundamental drivers of Audit and Compliance success: strategy, process and technology that help you deliver predictably and collaboratively.

This webinar will detail how to:

- Improve audit and compliance collaboration and interaction with the business and within
- Achieve real-time visibility into audit and compliance processes and results
- Increase productivity of audit and compliance resources
- Deliver audit and compliance projects without issues or surprises
- Avoid the expensive total cost of ownerships of some GRC solutions and limitations of spreadsheets


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