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Terri Ryback – Recapturing and maintaining your buying audience
Terri Ryback, Product Buyer from the Salem Witch Museum, will address the uncertainly that has impacted non-essential retail in the past year. Terri found herself asking questions like: where do we go from here? How do we adapt to the ever-changing structure as we once knew it? How do we captivate our audience? What does buying from our vendors look like?

She will share her evolving strategy on engaging her customer by providing them with product choices that will compliment their museum experience.

Branding and custom product has become more important than ever. Retailers have limitations on the amount of time visitors can spend in their space, so they must capture their attention and give them quality choices.

Terri will seek to Empower Individuals, Business owners, Buyers and Artists that have been, or may still be, faced with any and all challenges and difficulties due to the ongoing pandemic.
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