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Future of API Management
With the rise of Internet Business Models, IoT, social media, and Cloud Adoption, the number of APIs is growing exponentially. Organizations struggle with securing and monitoring their APIs and data. Effective API Management will therefore become the standard in the IT portfolio.

The application programming interface (API) defines available interactions between pieces of separate and distinct software to request and present services, all without them actually knowing anything about the other. This layer of abstraction enables the simple execution of complex interactions.

In today's world, if business agility is the recipe for digital transformation for any organization, then APIs are the key ingredient. It is essential to focus on the management of APIs that guide the full lifecycle of an API. API management is more than just a gateway; it enables an organization to properly design, develop, govern, secure, and publish APIs.

Deeper integration of all of the tools across the entire API lifecycle will further improve the speed of the lifecycle and more importantly the delivery of APIs that meet the consumer’s needs. This goes hand-in-hand with process improvements in the life cycle of APIs. We see this starting to happen as organizations start treating APIs as products with product managers guiding the lifecycle.

The larger role of APIs in the enterprise requires businesses to intelligently plan their API development and management efforts. It's not enough to simply create and release an API -- or adopt an outside API -- and hope for the best. Comprehensive API management helps address the needs of developers, applications, users, and the business in a cohesive manner.

This is why Group Futurista is happy to present its “Future of API Management” webinar to delve deeper into this topic with greater analysis and with the valuable insights of some of our industry-leading experts who will be coming to speak at this event.

Jan 21, 2022 02:00 PM in London

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