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LeanLaw Fogelman Webinar - 5 Steps to Increase Your Accounting Business by 5X Increase profitability by working with law firms
Your Strategic Plan to Make 2022 Your Best Year Ever!
Do what other accounting professionals only talk about.

You comfortably spend time working IN your business, doing the day to day operations. Working ON your business, to strategically grow your business, is an advanced move.

A strategic plan puts you squarely in charge of your destiny.

Instead of your business running you, you run your business.

With this framework, you move closer to achieving the more important rewards. Whether you want to travel more, pay off your debt or fund your retirement plan, we’ll discuss how to achieve the things which deeply matter to you.

During this action-packed session we’ll cover:

How to maintain momentum instead of lose interest.
Ditch goal setting and it’s limitations.
The secret to 3X your business – it’s simple and elegant.
Forget the traditional, boring business plan which you fill out and then shove into the back of your filing cabinet.

Your strategic plan offers clarity about what to do, what to let go of and how to grow your bank account. Consider this your Path to Profits Blueprint.
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