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Webinar - KCL-GW - Towards a European Economic Sovereignty? Some reflections on the Commission White Paper on Foreign Subsidies
Tuesday, 1 December 2020
16.30-18.30 GMT/17.30-19.30 CET/11.30-13.30 Eastern US

A free webinar presented by the Centre of European Law, King’s College London & George Washington University Law School

The European Commission is concerned that subsidies granted by non-EU governments to companies active in the European Union appear to have an increasing impact on the Single Market. Although the EU has tools at its disposal to address some of the distortions caused by foreign subsidies, the Commission is concerned that the existing tools do not fully address all possible distortions caused by these foreign subsidies, including in EU public procurement markets. In June 2020 the Commission therefore adopted a White Paper on Foreign Subsidies, which proposed ways to level the playing field and called for new tools to address this regulatory gap – the subject of this webinar.

Chair Professor Andrea Biondi, King’s College London


Christof Schoser, DG Competition, European Commission - The White Paper: where are we now?

Dr Luca Rubini, University of Birmingham - Module 1 - The White Paper and its relationship with WTO rules.

Elisabetta Righini, Latham & Watkins, Module 1 - The White Paper and State Aid law.

Professor Renato Nazzini, King’s College London, - Module 2 The White Paper and competition law.

Professors Christopher Yukins, GW Law and Michael Bowsher QC, Monkton Chambers and King’s College London - Module 3 The White Paper and Public Procurement

Alexander Rose, DWF -The white paper and its impact on the EU-UK negotiations

Christof Schoser, DG Competition, European Commission – Closing Remarks

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