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Voluntary ICMA Credentialing - Why it's important and how to get it
The ICMA Voluntary Credentialing Program recognizes experienced local government managers who adhere to high standards of integrity and a commitment to professional local government management. Credentialing is recognized by ICMA through a peer-review process and a self-directed professional development program. ICMA Credentialed Managers are often viewed with distinction by local governing bodies and may be stipulated in an employment contract. In this webinar, we will answer your questions about the program, how to determine eligibility and apply for credentialing, why the process requires an applied knowledge assessment, how to create a professional development plan, fulfill annual reporting requirements and what is required to maintain the credential once approved by ICMA.
• Michael Penny, City Manager, Castle Pines, CO
• Jill Silverboard, Deputy County Administrator/Chief of Staff, Pinellas County
• Star-Aisha Boyd, Customer Service Representative for the Credentialing Program, ICMA


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