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Advanced Revit Model Health Checks using Ideate Software
Earn 1 AIA LU.

Revit model health continues to be an important topic of discussion in our industry. As models grow from phase to phase, so does the complexity of the geometry and the information that users input into the Revit models. As deadlines loom and more help is added to projects, it is easy to forego modelling and drafting standards to meet those deadlines. The unfortunate side-effects of relinquishing modelling and drafting standards are unhealthy, bloated models that become increasingly difficult to work with, full of warnings, and full of confusing data that is unused or improperly used.

During this presentation, you will learn some of the ways in which Ideate Software solutions can assist with Revit model health by doing quality assurance and quality control on various categories of Revit models; reviewing and addressing Revit warnings; reviewing, merging or eliminating unwanted styles; and ensuring that your model is well organized.

Course Objectives:

- Review the importance of addressing health concerns in your Revit models and why it is important to add periodic health-checks as part of your BIM Execution Plans.
- Review key areas that should be included as part of your periodic Revit model health-checks.
- Review some of the pitfalls and built-in features that can lead to poor model health, such as certain modelling behaviors and native commands.
- Demonstrate how Ideate Software for Revit products are used as part of Revit model health-checks and QA/QC tasks to ensure healthier and speedier Revit models.


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