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Hexagon’s Absolute Scanner AS1 Launch Event at Janicki Industries
Are you ready for the next generation of 3D inspection scanning? Don’t miss out on the chance to see firsthand how innovative, modular new tech makes any scanning task possible, from reverse engineering of single parts to large-part inspection.

Get a peek inside Janicki Industries to watch them use the new groundbreaking Absolute Scanner AS1 and see how it has the potential to change complete workflows within your scanning and inspection processes. The AS1 is the world’s first cross-platform laser scanner that can be seamlessly swapped from one device to the other without the need for an additional scanner alignment.

From Janicki’s facilities in Hamilton, Washington, we will dive into how this first-of-its-kind scanner performs throughout a number of applications and will show the AS1’s key features including:
• Portability - Experience Absolute Portability thanks to an elegant integration of the tracker controller, scanner controller and battery(s) right on the tracker stand
• Modularity – Uniquely capable of working with an Absolute Arm as well as an Absolute Tracker
• Ease of Use - Any time, Any part, Anywhere. Don't let your next project dictate the hardware you need. The AS1 has no limit on size or complexity of the part.
• Productivity - Over 3x faster than previous flagship laser tracker scanning solution at maximum speed: 1.2 million points per second and 300 Hz fast.
• Accuracy - Powered by SHINE – Systematic High-Intelligence Noise Elimination – technology, the AS1 has no hidden settings that limit speed and scan-line width to deliver peak accuracy.

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