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AEC Beyond Climate: Challenges and Commitments for 2030 and Beyond
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Join this roundtable with AEC Leaders to discuss the challenges and commitments of the next decade and beyond as our standards are put to the test by a changing climate. We must respond in robust and holistic ways across the industry and work together to meet these challenges. How are these commitments changing alongside evolving building codes, performance criteria, and clients expectations? How do we, as an industry, evolve and improve upon our commitments to sustainability in the design and manufacturing of the next generation of buildings? Join this dialog to see how the industry is meeting these challenges head-on.

Learning Objectives

- Address design strategies and industry trends that are becoming normalized as ways to reduce embodied carbon in construction and in building operations.
- Assess the Successes and Areas of Improvement of industry groups various climate pledges, commitments, and other aspirational goals toward climate change mitigation.
- Discuss the Future of Interior and Exterior Materials for human health and welfare with special concern for removing red-list materials and substituting products of lower-carbon intensity.
- Look at current tools and methods for tracking carbon & climate impacts in projects in order to optimize material choices.

Presented by Kingspan Insulated Panels.

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