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TLJ 2.0 Webinar Series: SS BSC (2) - Tolerance - Lessons learned from VCA
Description and Rationale:
Tolerance is still considered to be the holy grail in transplantation. Although, short time survival rates have dramatically improved in all fields of transplantation, long term survival is still limited and patients suffer from side effects of chronic immunosuppression. In this webinar, patients will learn about new approaches and specific problems in VCA, the role of regulatory CD8+ T cells in tolerance induction and the implications for tolerance approaches as well as the limits of VCA and novel approaches coming from regenerative medicine. After this webinar participants should have a fundamental knowledge about state of the art in VCA, as well as its limitations and latest developments in regenerative medicine augmenting this exciting field. Moreover participants will learn about the role of regulatory CD8+ T cells and their role in tolerance and transplantation.

Main Topics:
· Allograft Tolerance
· Regulatory T cells
· Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation

Target audience:
All fields involved in health care and research with affiliation in transplantation. I.e, Transplant Scientists, Transplant Surgeons and Clinicians, Researchers in transplant related fields (Immunology, Stem cells, Regenerative Medicine), Physicians, Nurses, Coordinators, Pharmacists with Involvement or interest in the field of transplantation, Students working in or interested in the field of transplantation immunology, Patients interested in the newest research.

Confirmed panellists:
Nina Pilat
Gerald Brandacher
Carole Guillonneau
Fadi Issa

Nov 3, 2020 06:00 PM in Rome

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