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How Higher Education Can Prepare For The Digital Age
As universities move to improve their online presence, Ready For Online is launching an Are You Ready For Online webinar series with best practices and tools for the digital age. We will lead you through expert ways to creating courses online that are ready for both traditional and online learning.  

In order to remain strong, higher education institutions will need to be at the forefront of new technology and digital platforms. Attend this webinar as we show you how to create and revise courses faster, visually map your program outcomes and digitally design your curriculum. Are You Ready For Online webinar series will help universities as they bring everything online for the future of education. 

Get To Know Our Presenter: Alin Vrancila

Alin is the Chief Academic Officer at Multnomah University and a 2x Course of the Year Award Winner. His passion is in the improvement of higher education through innovative solutions and a new approach to instructional design. He is a Ph.D. candidate in Oxford, UK with an action research project focused on the improvement of Distance and Online Education and Instructional Design paradigms.


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