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Grab Your Dancing Shoes That Venus Is In Gemini
Venus rules our enjoyment, self-worth, and relationships, and when it transits the fun-loving sign of Gemini ♊, we become more flirtatious, carefree, eager to meet new friends and have fun.

The dating experience becomes an enjoyable adventure, and you’ll appreciate spontaneity, variety, and laughter. You will avoid drama and stay away from overly clingy and demanding people. Venus in Gemini invites you to approach your relationships more lightly and relate to people who help you have a good time.-

You will also be more prone to fall in love with someone else’s mind and intellect rather than their physical appearance, as you want a partner that shares your same hobbies and interests and can match your wit and intelligence.

Find out how your zodiac sign can make the most of these energies with professional astrologer, Kelli Fox. If you’d like the opportunity to have your natal birth chart read during this event be sure to include your birth date (✨ MONTH/DAY/YEAR in this date format only ✨), birth time (if known) and birth city, state and country upon registration.

Jun 23, 2022 02:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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