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Chris Thomas & Peter Desmond (FOMA) ‘Walking adventures on the Holy Mountain’
Mount Athos, the home of Orthodox spirituality and monasticism, has been in existence for at least 1,200 years. Home to over 2,000 monks, in twenty glorious monasteries filled with treasures, the peninsula is a truly extraordinary place currently undergoing a resurgence, with a growing population of monks, a tangible and visible sense of purpose and an environment underpinned by spirituality, love and affection. In an illustrated talk, Chris Thomas and Peter Desmond aim to bring the Holy Mountain to life through their work to restore and maintain the unique and spectacular footpaths of the Holy Mountain. In so doing they will touch on: the geography and topography; the landscape, monasteries and their occupants; travelling there; clearing the paths: why do it, how and some sense of scale of the path-clearing operation.

There is no shortage of beauty and colour on Mount Athos, so much of their presentation will be visual and will be underpinned throughout with personal reflections.

The Anglo-Hellenic League is delighted to bring you this talk, in close collaboration with the Friends of Mount Athos.

Feb 10, 2022 06:00 PM in London

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Chris Thomas
Vice-Chairman @Friends of Mount Athos
Chris Thomas FRGS, FRSA is a seasoned path clearer, vice-chairman of the Friends of Mount Athos and co-author of Encounters on the Holy Mountain. He is a very proud father of three, owner of Dexter the ridgeback and a huge Arsenal fan.
Peter Desmond
Member of Executive Committee @Friends of Mount Athos
Peter Desmond is a post-graduate doctoral candidate at the University of Winchester, undertaking primary research into contemporary iconography being painted on Mount Athos. In 2018, he was awarded a Master of Theology degree in Orthodox Theology with Distinction, also at Winchester. He has recently been co-opted to the Friends of Mount Athos executive committee with special responsibility for the footpaths of the Holy Mountain.