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It seems that no discussion of network security is complete these days without a mention of Zero Trust. This new architectural approach means that inherent trust within a network is removed, and every attempt to connect to it assumed to be hostile. Instead, each request for access must be verified based on a clearly defined policy.

Against a rising tide of security threats, Zero Trust principles are often presented as the ultimate silver bullet, and the only real alternative to legacy approaches based around firewalls and VPNs. But how much do people really understand about Zero Trust? Are some people laboring under the misapprehension, for example, that Zero Trust represents a well-defined product category that can be purchased and added on to a corporate WAN?

To help bring clarity to Zero Trust, and explore what it really signifies, we bring you a virtual event featuring the latest findings from a leading analyst who will then chair a panel of experts from across the security spectrum.

The panel will explore what we do know about Zero Trust, and what it means to eliminate inherent trust from a network. The flaws of a more traditional architecture, such as a walled garden, will be considered. There will also be talk of how vendors can make Zero Trust networking a reality, for example by delivering it ‘as a service'.

Analyst Chair: Rik Turner
Principal Analyst, Emerging Technologies, Omdia

Feb 22, 2022 04:00 PM in London

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