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CM/Procore: Optimize to Modernise: Building for Growth and managing risk with Platform Technology
As the current situation develops, contractors are turning to digital technology to help them weather the storm and build an environment where risk is managed better.

Construction leaders are now thinking proactively about ways to use technology, analytics, and data to prepare their organizations for growth and position for the long term.

This webinar, bringing together senior construction leaders from Kenham and Arcadis, will cast a critical eye on the current landscape and attempt to identify a path forward. Expect a powerful discussion on how construction businesses can improve transparency, agility and responsiveness; develop forecasting capabilities; and where construction should be prioritizing technology investments.

Key Points
● Addressing the challenge of working with manual processes in today’s industry - particularly from a risk and safety perspective.
● Insights on how technology can make businesses more competitive.
● How technology can drive employee productivity, engagement and retention.
● How businesses can benefit from having more visibility of data both in the office and on-site.
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