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Empowering Community Voices to Promote Vaccine Confidence through Social Media
On behalf of the Sabin Vaccine Institute, the Bay Area Global Health Alliance and the Alliance for Advancing Health Online, we invite you to join us on Wednesday, April 20, 2022, at 8:00 AM EDT | 12:00 PM GMT | 3:00 PM EAT to explore effective ways to empower community members to influence vaccine confidence through social media.

Local voices and personal connections can be a powerful influence in driving vaccine confidence in communities. This session will share three approaches to incorporating community voices into social media and discuss best practices for leveraging and amplifying their impact. Learn how IRD Global worked with community members to build safe spaces online and co-create content focused on addressing the social barriers around COVID-19 vaccination; explore how the University of Chicago and RAMLabs encouraged community members to share their COVID-19 vaccination decisions with their personal networks; and discover the way Project Last Mile challenged community members to create original content on TikTok and amplified the reach of effective messages.


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