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Stroke and the Brain & Heart Axis
The brain and the heart are densely connected both physiologically and pathophysiologically. This webinar aims to highlight recent advancements in the understanding of (a) Cardioembolism as a cause of migraine with aura, (b) Takotsubo Syndrome secondary to stroke, and (c) Stroke induced heart injury: a novel pathophysiological concept to target with novel therapies

Talks and invited speakers
1. Is migraine with aura an embolic TIA? (Simona Sacco, Italy)

2. Takotsubo syndrome secondary to stroke (Jan Scheitz, Germany)

3. Stroke Induced Heart Injury: A Novel Pathophysiological Concept to be Targeted with Innovative Therapies (Luciano Sposato, Canada)

Session moderator: Sheila Martins (WSO President-elect)
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