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New Rules for Environmental Site Assessments
A Live Webinar – 30 Talking Points in 30 Minutes

Effective February 13, 2023 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments are new and the scope expanded across the country while the Phase II practice has been completely altered in Maryland and ..

ASTM E1527-21 is replacing ASTM E1527-13 to satisfy the requirements for conducting ‘all appropriate inquiries’ under CERCLA, to qualify for a LEED or Green Globes credit, as verification of the “E” environmental compliance in ESG disclosures, ..

To appreciate the magnitude of these changes, .. a Phase l Environmental Site Assessment is conducted in the vast majority of the 5.6 million (.. yes, ‘million’) commercial real estate transactions in the US each year

The speakers at this live webinar are Stuart Kaplow and Nancy Hudes two Maryland attorneys who are among the principals of ESG Legal Solutions, LLC, a majority woman owned legal consulting firm owned and operated by attorneys who provide experienced professional advice, law and non-law, driven by strategic thinking coupled with a practical approach to a broad breadth of sustainability matters for organizations including in the emergent space of Environmental Social Governance (ESG), including environmental site assessments.

This fast paced and fun live webinar is complimentary, but space is limited, and you must register


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