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Health Related Quality of Life After Radical Cystectomy | What a large study tells us about the “new normal” after bladder removal.
Bladder removal surgery (a radical cystectomy or "RC") is the gold standard of treatment for many high-risk bladder cancer patients. BCAN often gets questions about “what will my life be like after my cystectomy?” Dr. Bernard Bochner and other experts from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York conducted a large study of the longer-term impact of bladder removal on patients’ health related quality of life. Join Dr. Bochner, patient advocate Rick Bangs and BCAN to find out what surveys and interviews of more than 400 patients tell us the longer-term quality of life with ileal conduit or continent urinary diversions.

Dr. Bochner will discuss:
· How the MSKCC study was conducted.
· What they learned about the impact of bladder removal surgery on:
- Satisfaction with life
- Mental and emotional health/body image
- Physical and social functioning
- Sexual function
- Bowel function


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