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Automation of Design Systems - Meetup
Welcome & Introduction - Into Design Systems Team

7:15 PM CEST
Talk 1:
Design (system) automation next level
Thorsten Jankowski - Design System Operations

About this talk:
Let's explore the future of design systems and how advancements in technology will impact their development. We will examine the potential for automation in the creation of design systems, as well as the implications for the field of design.

8:00 PM CEST
Talk 2:
Making the best Figma Design System
Mr. Bsicuit

About this talk:
In this talk will be discussing the creation process of an exemplary design system using Figma, its intended purpose, and how it addresses prevalent issues.

9:00 PM CEST Networking
Stick around for some networking as usual we will have a white board where we will share resources & connect with each other.
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Thorsten Jankowski
Design Ops Lead
Mr. Biscuit
Figma Ui Kit & Plugin Pro