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Getting the most out of government data
Governments are collecting ever greater amounts of data as many public services move online, and as citizens chose to interact with government through websites and apps.

This adds to the information that government holds on the needs of its citizens across a host of central and local public services, such as health, education, demography and employment.

This information proved useful during the coronavirus pandemic, when they suddenly and unexpectedly were combined to, for example, identify vulnerable children for education support during coronavirus lockdown or to provide food delivers and other support to people who were clinically extremely vulnerable to the virus.

However, the information hidden in such data is not harnessed in government’s day-to-day operations. Often, issues around data sharing between different government entities hinder the sharing of information that could help improve services, or the data is not accessible, or different data sets are updated at different frequencies.

This session will look at how these obstacles can be overcome, considering:

• Best practice from different governments around the world on data use
• How to standardize and improve collection to aid use of data in policy making and evaluation
• The lessons from the use of data in the COVID-19 pandemic can be applied to government’s standard operating procedures

Nov 1, 2022 02:30 PM in London

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