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Future of AR/VR Webinar
More than a decade ago, the first real smartphone entered the markets and created a technological boom all around the world. This made screens and smartphones an essential component of our everyday lives. As a result, it has changed how we articulate, endeavor, work, travel, purchase, and more.

Smartphones, linked with headsets, have become the most common technologies for delivering a VR experience. This has been the foremost convenient entry-point for the customer's VR use.

Although, AR technology is less mature than VR because it still has a lot of restrictions, such as lack of standardization, and also because it is highly expensive. This technology is already being utilized in industries including manufacturing, healthcare, and logistics. Even though it is quite out of reach now, the Future for both AR and VR technologies is quite bright.

In Jabil's Augmented and Virtual Reality Technology Trends Survey, technology and business stakeholders indicated that the consumer use of AR/VR Technology will see adoption first. Most importantly, almost 70% of respondents suspect that AR/VR Technology will become mainstream within five years.

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