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Imposters, Dramas, Fighting & Fleeing: A Psychological Exploration Of Difficulty At Work
Relationships are what make all our teams, groups and organisations tick. However, all too often our relationships can get our of kilter, especially when the pressure is on. These difficulties are likely to be further amplified by our new, virtual work of only connecting with each other remotely.

In this broadcast, Coaching Psychologist and Famn Co-Founder, Roger Taylor, will be joined by Author and Psychological Coach, Hannah Ciepiela, to explore some of the reasons why our relationships can go wrong. Seeking to deepen our awareness of the part our habitual patterns play and why we can sometimes behave in ways that get us more of what we don’t want.

This session will explore a few different psychological models to help us understand what’s going on when things are awry, including, the Drama Triangle and Imposter Syndrome.

Who is this for?
Anyone who is curious about themselves and their impact on others.


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