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Supporter loyalty matters more than ever
With very special guest Becky Harris from Shelter, sharing how they've applied the research!

How people feel, influences what they do. At About Loyalty, we know that charity supporters with high loyalty are nine times more likely to give more and three times more likely to give again. In this webinar, we'll share insights from two unique research projects, both released in May 2020:

1. The Chase Index - our ongoing five year longitudinal study explaining the relationship between supporter emotions and specifically what influences them to give again.

2. COVID-19 Sentiment Tracker - running since March 19th, this is our weekly study into how coronavirus is affecting how people feel and how this is changing the drivers of supporter loyalty.

COVID-19 has had a massive impact on how people are feeling and it has had real impacts on behaviour. The major risk facing us all now is that to react with a hard focus on short-term income and immediate financial return at the expense of building long-term supporter loyalty. It’s more important than ever to focus on growing supporter loyalty. As one of our members said to us last week:

“The warm supporter base will pull us out of this. If we get the experience wrong for them now, then we're dead.”

Jun 4, 2020 03:00 PM in London

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Roger Lawson
Director @About Loyalty
Richard Spencer
Director @About Loyalty