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TLJ 2.0 Webinar Series: WS01 - Solving the clinical, logistic and societal hurdles for disruptive technologies in kidney transplantation
Description and Rationale:
In the first successful webinar that was held on July 6th 2020 (https://youtu.be/Eed4BxANPls), we discussed the current status of xenotransplantation. Why xenotransplantation is promising, when we anticipate that clinical trials will become reality, and what are the health authority regulatory hurdles.

In this second webinar of the series, the tremendous progress achieved by xenotransplantation will be used as paradigm for initiating discussions on other futuristic transplants: 3D printed organs, regenerated organs, lab-grown organs etc. We will discuss how the right clinical trials could be designed and how to make disruptive technologies economically healthy and logistically feasible.

We will also address the societal impact of these futuristic transplants, the risks for misperception and the communication strategies to increase awareness and acceptance of such futuristic transplants with patients and society at large.

Finally, we will learn how the European Commission and European environment are supporting these innovations and keep Europe on the forefront of this field.

Main Topics:
-Prepping the kidney transplants of the future: lessons from xenotransplantation for other futuristic transplants
-Cross species kidney transplantation- thoughts on patient selection and trial
-Are futuristic transplants acceptable by patients and society?
-The future of transplantation in the European Research ecosystem

Confirmed Panellists:
Maria Irene Bellini
Kevin Fowler
Martin Hoogduijn
Rainer Oberbauer
Anna-Pia Papageorgiou

Oct 26, 2020 06:00 PM in Rome

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