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Courtroom Boot Camp for Attorneys & Expert Witnesses
The Courtroom Boot Camp is an intensive three-day program for trial attorneys and expert witnesses.

For attorney participants, we focus upon presenting counsel’s own expert in the most compelling and persuasive manner and ways to impair an opposing expert’s credibility through challenge of credentials, assumptions, and foundation.

For expert witness participants we focus upon the strategic and communication skills required for experts to be most effective on the witness stand. Expert participants will learn the art of delivering persuasive direct testimony and how to
withstand grueling cross-examination.  

This program is not an esoteric exercise, but a “hands on” learning experience that will test you, stress you, and finally build up your skills providing you confidence and experience in the legal battlefield, the courtroom.

The Boot Camp will culminate with live mock trial segments during which each attorney participant will have the opportunity to present and cross-examine expert participants and be individually coached and critiqued by our faculty of
seasoned litigation professionals.

We welcome you to the challenge and the opportunity to grow as a professional and experience the rigors of the courtroom.
Webinar is over, you cannot register now. If you have any questions, please contact Webinar host: Michael Kaplan.