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The Quality Harmonization Journey at Johnson & Johnson
Best Practices and Lessons Learned from a Global Leader

Learn how quality harmonization is essential for Johnson & Johnson to fulfill its high commitment to quality across their consumer health products, medical devices and pharmaceuticals segments. With thousands of products and operations in 60 countries, it’s critical for J&J to harmonize (or standardize) their quality process and systems on a single, broadly capable and flexible QMS to maintain business agility and compliance across the globe.

Join Joel O’Connor, Product Line Owner and IT Director at Johnson & Johnson; and Kim Wakeman, ETQ Product Manager, to learn how to identify and manage common processes for harmonization. They’ll share how to get management buy in, other challenges you may encounter and how to overcome them.

• The operational and business benefits of quality harmonization
• J&J journey towards quality harmonization
• Expert insights on how to approach harmonization
• Best practices and lessons learned that apply to any industry.

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