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Macro-to-Micro Power Hour
Join Samantha LaDuc, founder of LaDucTrading.com and Jonathan Gibbons, founder of vigtec, as they share market perspectives, charts that support them and actionable AI-powered trade ideas!

Captain Samantha is known for timing major market inflection points. As a Macro-to-Micro analyst, educator and trader, she supports retail traders and institutions by synthesizing data into context and setting up actionable stock and option trades so clients can catch year-making opportunities. She shares her insights on volatility, money rotation, and price action across global equities, currencies, commodities and interest rates.

Guest Captain Jonathan is an avid markets-junkie, serial-entrepreneur and prop-trader. He founded and sold two successful ventures in Fintech and Insuretech. After his last exit in 2017, he set up a prop trading shop, from which the vigtec mobile and web-based app was born.

vigtec is where math, money and markets meet for everyday investors. Want to smartly manage capital and leverage profits from a risk-defined option tactic? Let vigTec crunch the best option set up based on your timeframe and experience. Search their dynamic market indicators to help you form more of a narrative to support your market views. You can also scan live-data charts for best investment ideas based on a proven scoring system.

There is an abundance of narratives out there (fish stories). We invite you in to help cut through the noise and understand what's moving, why, and trade it with the highest probability option plays using the best trading vehicles.
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