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Changing the game: an examination of cutting-edge novel oncology screening tools
As of 2020, Charles River contributed to 83% of the FDA-approved cancer therapies on the market. We are equipped to introduce you to cutting-edge predictive screening tools to drive your therapy to market and start saving lives.

View this webinar to learn about trailblazing oncology screening tools such as a new 3D model platform and Implantable Microdevices (IMDs). In this webinar will cover an array of topics including:
Common drug discovery challenges and how tools enhance your screening processes.
A new, rapid, and cost-effective 3D screening platform that recreates an environment of tumor, fibroblast and immune cells which allows for a better prediction of therapeutic performance in the clinic.
The benefits of utilizing IMDs which include systematically screening various individual and combination therapies in a small cohort of study animals, and facilitating the collection of robust data for numerous applications.
Determine how an extended panel of functional read-outs across different platforms can improve the candidate selection process and help develop translational biomarkers early in the drug development pipeline.


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