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Saturn - Your Lessons, Your Karma, Your Destiny Part 1
The mere mention of a Saturn return coming up may instil a feeling of great fear and foreboding.
How does Saturn operate in YOUR life?
This webinar will help you to remove any anxieties or concerns you may have about your Saturn transits.
The great Golden Age, when humanity lived in peace and harmony, is reputed to have been ruled by Saturn.
This webinar will give you a new, uplifting perspective as to how you can utilise Saturn productively and effectively in your life.

In relationships it plays a huge role, often determining the strength and durability of a partnership.
This series of two webinars will show you how to work constructively with the Saturn energy in your chart. It will also give you insights as to how to cooperate effectively with others in all life areas: finances, family, career, health, relationships.
Saturn rules TIME. Through a deep knowledge of this planet and its cycles in your chart, you can tune into the best timings for your life's decisions.

The first webinar will cover Saturn Cycles which happen approximately every 7 years in your life.

How you use Saturn to build foundations, how you connect with your ancestors, how you create success.
We'll explore Saturn in relationship to the Moon in your chart. How you progress from childhood into maturity.
It will cover the signs Aries to Virgo and houses 1-6.
The 2nd webinar will cover the signs Libra to Pisces and houses 7-12.
We will have a Q and A in each webinar where you can give feedback and ask your questions.
There's so much to this that I am extremely excited to share with you!

Mar 21, 2023 05:00 PM in Athens

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